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Developer In their musically themed slot machine Amped, Relax Gaming uses some double entendre. It capitalizes on the slang meaning of the term “amplify” to ‘get enthusiastic’ while also referring to the component of a stereo system responsible for producing audible sound. It’s a very stylish game overall, capitalizing on the current trend for neon vintage graphics in the iGaming industry. Several well-liked extras can be found in Amped, with four of them fueling four distinct free spins bonus games. The action takes place on a 5×4 grid with 30 paylines and is accompanied by equalizer effects and flashing lights, while four boxes to the right denote the various free spin bonuses. The boxes have little use beyond providing visual variety. While you spin the reels, a little of rising and falling techno music plays in the background; it’s not quite “amping,” but it works nicely with the game.

Bets range from 10 cents to $100 each spin, and shape-throwing may be done on any device. Amped doesn’t seem to be written for the most extreme clubgoers, so you shouldn’t anticipate a lot of action. The medium+ volume setting is ideal for chill music listeners. However, with an above-average RTP rating of 96.37%, the product will appeal to a larger audience. Even if the features weren’t really rewarding most of the time, they appeared frequently. Even if the events on screen didn’t particularly impress, they triggered often enough to keep them interested during testing.

Three to five identical symbols from left to right on a payline constitute a winning combination. All icons are colorful and straightforward in style to fit the overall aesthetic. Orange, green, blue, and red diamonds make up the first four low-paying combinations on the table. The high-end equipment, which includes microphones, cassette tapes, speakers, and a shoulder-crushing ghetto blaster, comes next. If you get five premium symbols on a payline, you can win anywhere from 4.5 times your bet to 15 times your bet. When five of the pink disc wilds appear on an active payline, the payout is the same as the maximum possible. It can stand in for any of the other pay symbols to help you win.

Excited: New Slot Functions

While waiting for one of four free spin games to appear, the main game of Amped is made more interesting with Scatter Wild Respins. It’s important to note right off the bat that there are four distinct scatters of color, each of which represents a different aspect of the feature. In addition to acting as scatters, these wilds are also worth the maximum premium and can replace any other pay symbol.

If free spins are not triggered by the appearance of two scatter wilds of any color, a respin will occur with the scatter wilds remaining in place. The respin feature keeps going until either no more scatter wilds appear or the free spins feature is activated.

Free games are triggered by having three or more scatter wilds of the same kind anywhere on the board at the same time. No matter what bonus you trigger, you’ll always get seven free spins with one of these bonuses active:

Scatters in orange trigger the Electro Expanding Wilds feature. When a wild symbol lands on a reel, it will grow to occupy the entire reel.

The BPM Boost Multiplier is awarded for red scatters. Each win during these free spins adds one to the multiplier.

Big Bass Sticky Wild Free Spins are won by collecting green scatters. When wilds appear in this bonus, they linger around until the round is over.

Scatters in blue pay out with Remix Synced Reels. When two or more adjacent reels contain the identical symbols, they will spin together as a unit. All 5 reels may be connected if desired.

There is no way to retrigger the bonus games, however each scatter symbol will provide an extra free spin.

Rapid: Instant Decision

When the game starts up, the DJ-based music and bright lighting bring to mind Pragmatic Play’s Dance Party. Instead than being situated on a bustling dance floor, Amped seems to take place within the amplifier. Although it’s a stretch, I can’t help but think of Alex Grey’s work when I look at this backdrop. It’s very minimal and tries too hard to resemble a sketch. Although visually satisfactory, the theme and mathematical model have not been developed significantly, making Amped more of a middle-of-the-road style of play than a hedonistic free for all.

Amped’s gameplay is about as energizing as the game’s low-key trance soundtrack. If it were a Saturday night, it wouldn’t be spent at a crowded club, but rather relaxing with a music at home. It’s clear that this is Relax Gaming’s intended stance. Since the crew probably just wanted something to mess around with in between working on the studio’s possible hits, Amped isn’t going to gain a lot of attention or praise.

While this lack of funding is noticeable, it doesn’t necessarily make playing Amped a bad time. Once you’ve seen the four benefits in action, you shouldn’t expect to be very interested in what comes next. For the record, our tests showed that Big Bass Sticky Wild Free Spins produced the greatest results. If you manage to collect a large number of sticky wilds and put them in advantageous positions on the grid, you will be rewarded handsomely on every spin. The other bonuses weren’t as interesting, however synchronized reels may be entertaining if the proper symbols aligned.

Overall, Amped is a serviceable game for those seeking a mild Electronic Dance Music (EDM) experience. If Relax wanted to, they could have pushed things to the limit. However, even ravers who would rather keep their clothes on and dance silently in a designated area have their place and time.






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